Dave Onkels
Dave Onkels


Double Your Price

Gist: An agency's tale of pricing experimentation, operational failures and finding our most beloved clients.

Bio: Everywhere, all the time. Like any good dreamer, it’s hard to get this guy to sit still. Dave Onkels co-leads Dotvita, a web design studio that mixes entrepreneurial thinking and a passion for beautiful, people-focused design.

With a diverse background that started in retail strategy and store environments, Dave has worked with many brands including Bose, Sprint, AT&T, Sears, Costco and Best Buy. He founded the online startup Magnt.com, one of the first personal landing page generators and serves as editor for Appvita, a curated blog for finding emerging web apps.

Dave has a deeply-rooted desire to help small businesses fight the odds and grow–and he's not afraid to take risks along the way. He works side-by-side with his wife and they have two lovely girls plus a plethora of pets. In his spare time, Dave likes to fly airplanes.

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This video was recorded at Weld on February 27, 2013.

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